Welcome to Salemi Exteriors

For over 5 years, we’ve been repairing roofs and rain gutter systems for our customers in Massachusetts. Clean, well maintained gutters keep water away from your home’s walls and foundation – don’t put yourself at risk for major damage.

Whether its apart of one of our roofing projects or you just need some help with full house new gutters, we are the team for you. It is crucial during all times of the year that your gutters are working properly. From winter to spring to summer, rain, snow and leaves are going to be testing your house. Have a roofing system and gutters system that will keep you warm and dry!

Work you can trust in

Not sure about someone else working on your roof or gutters? You can trust in our work because we provide service warranties on all our repairs, new roof installations, and gutter installations.

High quality service

Clean gutters and professional repairs

Our staff is experts at gutter repairs and professional craftsmen. We strive to keep our quality of service very high so that we can better care for your roof and gutters.

Customers get a 10 year workmanship guarantee with our roof installations.