Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Replace Your Home’s Siding

Signs That Your Siding Needs to be Replaced

Most homeowners step back and take a look at their siding very often or even think about it. A lot of homeowners think of siding as only being cosmetic, but it isn’t a part of your home that can wait to be replaced. Knowing the signs to look for is key in determining whether or not you need new siding. Preparing for home remodeling projects can better help you budget and plan for them. 

Cracks or Gaps in the Siding

Take a walk around the perimeter of your house and take a close look at the siding, looking for any damage. Any holes or spaces that exists could be allowing water through to the wood underneath the siding. When wood gets wet, it can become damaged and moldy, compromising your home’s structure and making it unsafe. If your home’s siding is made of wood, you can even notice paint chipping as a clear sign that the siding has been affected. Fiber Cement has become a popular alternative to wood recently because of it’s authentic-looking appearance and lasting durability.

Warped Siding

After storms and other types of weather, siding can become damaged and even fall off of your home. When water seeps through to the wood below, siding can even pull away from the home. Wood siding is a lot more prone to becoming warped when it comes in contact with water. New England winters can easily damage siding, so it’s important to stay vigilant after storms happen. Try pressing on the siding to see if it has lost its firmness.

High Energy Bills

If you notice that your heating and cooling bills have been on the rise lately, it could be because your siding isn’t working as well as it should be. Siding creates an additional layer of insulation and protection that will keep your heat in and cold out in the winter. Your home is naturally more comfortable when you have great siding, so having to turn on the heat or air conditioning becomes a less frequent occurrence.

Faded Siding

Nothing is permanent, including your home’s siding. Some siding materials last longer than others, but they all do eventually fade out and require replacement. Modern siding materials like vinyl and fiber cement are more durable than wood. If your siding is so old that it is beginning to fade from the sun, it’s likely that it isn’t performing the best in terms of protecting your home and keeping it dry. 

New siding not only helps protect you and your family from the elements but also boosts your home’s curb appeal. If you’re in need of a siding replacement, contact our team today.

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