Why You Should Schedule A Roofing Inspection Soon

Summer has technically been around since the beginning of June, although for many of us living in New England, it didn’t get warm until July, and even then the constant rain hasn’t stopped. Humidity is high as a result, and that coupled with the hot temperatures means an increased likelihood of thunderstorms and rain over the next few months. To combat this, it is important to not only maintain your roof but to schedule inspections as well, ensuring that no budding problems ever escape your knowledge. Here are 3 reasons why you should schedule a roof inspection soon.

Weather and Aging

Roofs primarily degrade due to the weather conditions they are in, particularly during the summer and winter months, where the weather tends to be at it’s strongest. Being constantly subject to these conditions, with the occasional surprise storm or heatwave pushing your roof beyond its limits, can lead to certain components, such as the protective granule layer of your asphalt shingles or the fascia along your gutters, start to get weaker. These can eventually break down, leading to leaks and cracks that can lead to costly damages.

Routine Maintenance Damage

This may come as a surprise to some, but many of a roof’s most common problems don’t stem from the obvious culprit of the asphalt shingles, but the conditions of the surrounding components of the home. Things like leaking air conditioners blocked gutters, and much more are often the cause for numerous roof issues, and may not be as obvious as a missing or worn-out roof shingle, leaving these problems to more easily slide under a homeowner’s radar. An experienced contractor knows the signs of things like this and can point out certain issues that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Storm Damage

Storms can be especially disastrous for your home, as they often push beyond what your roof was made to regularly handle, resulting in an increased likelihood for immediate damage. An example of storm damage would be heavy rain and/or hail resulting in damaged or missing roof shingles, or cracks/peels in your shingles due to extreme temperature changes during summer nights. These may not always be obvious, but they will worsen over time like any other damages. In the case of a sudden storm, it is in good practice to get your roof inspected immediately after to spot these damages.

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