Why Replace Your Roof in the Spring?

Spring is the right time of year to spruce up your home and make upgrades. Is your roof in need of some TLC or a much-needed replacement? Why not tackle it this spring? The season is ripe for home roof rehabilitation, thanks to the ideal weather that can afford efficient installation and extended hours to get more work done. There are several benefits to be had from replacing your roof in the spring. Let’s explore them. 

Low Moisture Levels 

Winter weather brings a lot of precipitation, which doesn’t make for great conditions to perform a roof installation. Moisture levels increases during winter and the freezing, thawing, and refreezing can exacerbate roofing problems. For example, cracks can become more prominent when the surface has a lot of moisture. During the spring, precipitation is low because the temperatures climb and the air is much warmer. Warmer weather conditions are ideal for doing a roof replacement. Even the most skilled roofing contractors appreciate working in spring versus the cold of winter. The moisture challenges are minimized greatly during spring.

Limited Interruptions

Let’s face it, winter can put a damper on any outdoor project. Winter conditions are difficult to work in and even the summer months, though more ideal for roofing work, can bring unpleasant heat. Although spring can bring fluctuating weather, it is still more predictable than winter. This allows roofing contractors to get more work done with fewer interruptions. You will worry less about the progress of your roof replacement.

Easier Roofing Installation During Spring

Roofing materials do not like the bitter cold, which can make a roof replacement job tough. When the materials become brittle, they are much more challenging to lay even with specialist training. The cold temperatures make it difficult for sealant, taking longer than is normal. When you perform your roof replacement during the spring, you worry less about those challenges. The installation process will be much faster and done more smoothly with the steady climb in temperatures that are favorable for handling roofing materials. Weather-related delays can be avoided and the roofing installation is done more efficiently.

Flexible Scheduling With Contractors

The busiest time for roofing contractors is during the summer and they tend to be fully booked during this warmer season. It’s peak season. If you are thinking about getting a roofing project done during the summer, you will usually find it difficult to schedule your roof replacement project. It’s not the most convenient time, which is why early spring is the ideal time to schedule a job with a roofing contractor. This time roofing work typically slows down and it’s more flexible to schedule your project with a roofing contractor.

Choose Salemi Exteriors for your roof replacement this spring. Our team can install quickly and efficiently to keep your home protected. Don’t hesitate to call and get a quote.

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