Subtle Signs of Roof Damage

The tell-tale signs of roof damage are usually easy to spot: sagging rooflines, water leafing through the ceiling on the top floor, and broken shingles after a storm.  Most homeowners know to look for these red flags. However, some signs of damage are less obvious and may require a trained eye to find. At Salemi Exteriors, we strive to educate our clients so their roofs last as long as possible. Here are some lesser-known signs of roof damage to watch out for:

Where the Wild Things Are

Wild animals, such as squirrels, mice, birds, or raccoons, are known to hide in damaged areas on the roof. What can start as a small hole for one animal can widen quickly to support a larger animal – or a family. If you notice animals on the roof or hear them scamper in the walls or ceiling of the upstairs rooms, you may have a damaged roof. 

Casper, is that you?

Does your house go bump in the night?  Strange noises, whistling sounds, drafts that blow papers around? Insidious damage to the roof may create airflow issues that are so slight that you may not notice them immediately.  But the culprit could very well be your roof! This damage is difficult to pinpoint without a careful, professional roof inspection. Contact Salemi Exteriors for an inspection today!

Spots on the Roof

Black spots on your roof can appear to be a minor issue, but if algae cause them, they could soon be a significant, expensive problem.  This algae most often appears on asphalt shingles but can be found on all types.  The black spots are due to the algae forming dark-pigmented protection from UV rays so they do not dry out.  The algae quickly multiply, eventually becoming the long black streaks commonly seen on roofs.  These streaks can lead to other issues quickly, so do not ignore the spots if you see them!

Buckling Shingles

Buckling shingles are often overlooked and difficult to identify without getting up on the roof. It is best to have your roof inspected at least once a year to avoid this issue. The buckling is due to many reasons, such as external damage that leads to excessive moisture, lack of adequate insulation, or poor installation technique. Buckling can lead to widespread damage, so inspect your roof regularly to ensure minor damage is addressed promptly.  

Nails in the Driveway

If your shingles were installed improperly or are nearing the end of their lifespan, you may find nails in your gutters, in the driveway, or along the exterior of your home. While some nails fall out during temperature changes, check them out if you find them regularly.  Nails keep shingles in place.  When nails fall out, the shingles can shift, causing further damage.  

Call Salemi Exteriors for a free quote!

If you suspect roof damage, hiring a professional roofer to assess the situation is best. Salemi Exteriors is proud to serve Eastern Massachusetts and will happily provide a free quote if you have roofing issues.  Regular roof maintenance is the best way to keep your roof in excellent condition for years, and Salemi Exteriors looks forward to being your first choice in Roofing Services. Contact us today by calling 978-804-5972 or filling out our online contact form!

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