Siding Care Tips for Summer

The siding on your home plays an essential role not just in the appearance of your house, but the function too. Siding helps your home to maintain a good temperature, keeps pests and rodents out, and protects the inside of your home from harsh weather conditions outside. Summer is full of rain and high winds, so it’s important to maintain your siding properly throughout the season. Good summer maintenance will help extend the life of your siding and make it less prone to damages during the winter too! 

Clean the Siding 

Siding should be cleaned twice a year ideally, but at least once every summer. The type of siding you have will determine what the best method of cleaning it is. Vinyl siding is the easiest to clean since you can use a power washer. Fiber cement siding shouldn’t be washed using a power washer because the high pressure can actually damage the siding. Instead, use the garden hose with a gentle scrub brush to remove dirt and debris. Wood siding should be cleaned by hand as high as you can reach on a ladder. The very top can be done carefully with a power washer. 

Inspecting Your Siding 

When you’re cleaning your siding, inspect it too. Look for any signs of damaged siding or areas where siding has blown off. Siding that’s cracked, has a hole, or is warped all need to be repaired. Some types of siding are easier to repair than others, but it’s always better to hire a professional than trying to do it yourself. 


Extended exposure to the sun can cause the color of your siding to fade. Luckily, you don’t have to replace the siding to restore the original color. You can hire a professional painting company to repaint the siding the same color it once was or try a new color! A protective layer can be added after the new paint to slow future sun damage and fading. Repainting your existing siding is much more affordable and eco-friendlier than replacing it with new siding. Your home will have an added curb appeal and a higher resale value too! 

If you’re not experienced at cleaning, inspecting, and caring for your siding, that’s okay! Contact Salemi Exteriors today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced team members. From new siding installation to minor repairs and repainting, we’ve got the tools and knowledge to get the job done! If you’re not sure what your siding needs, we can provide an inspection and recommend the next steps to extend the life of your siding. The warm weather will only be around for so long – call today to schedule your siding services before winter returns! 

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