Should I Replace My Roof or Repair It?

Deciding whether to repair or replace roof shingles can be a tricky one. Many homeowners believe that once they notice a defect in their rooftop, the next thing is to replace their roof. If you have this thought, you might be taking the wrong step. The reason is that some damages require patching, and everything will be fine again. But how do you determine the best option for your roofing?

Here are the things to consider: 

Minor or Severe Damage

The damage level is an indicator you should examine carefully. Minor damages only need repair through little patch-ups of the affected area. If you decide to replace in this case, it results in wastage. Shingles can offer three decades of protection without warping. In situations where the impairment is beyond what repair can handle, replacement becomes the best solution. This is very rare for Asphalt shingles, except for extremely harsh conditions.

The Roof’s Age

Impaired roofing in its early year requires repair if the damage is not serious. That is why you need to be conversant with the roofing age. The shingles type with the least durability will last for not less than 15 years. Any shingles that fall in this category will show signs of weakness and could even be missing from their position. It is possible not to know the roofing age. You can seek assistance from contractors regarding this.

Budget Constraints

Sometimes the best solution to the damaged roof is a replacement, but your estimate cannot cover the roofing requirement. It’s not a problem, though. You can opt for repair for short term solution pending the time your finances can cover replacement. This happens when there is asymmetry information between homeowners and the market price of roofing materials. The important thing here is to keep in mind a lasting solution to the problem.

Recently Replaced Roof

Assuming you find some part of your roofing leaking a few months or years replacement. In that case, repairing the roof can keep it functioning until its longevity dues. Snowstorm effects are unpredictable sometimes. If it slightly affects your roofing, repairing is your best option to proffer a solution to the minor damage caused by the weather condition.

Maintenance Required

To keep a roof’s original composition, you need to maintain it regularly. Have your roofing checked and do the necessary things to prevent it from losing its quality quickly. Another thing to know is that every weather condition, even the friendly ones, affects roofing. The deterioration of roofing is not caused by harsh weather only. Checking your home top regularly can prevent the unexpected.


No one can underrate the protective impact of the roof in homes. That is why it is necessary to repair or replace the roof, depending on the situation. If you need roofing solutions in your home, Salemi Exteriors can help you with a new roof installation or repair. Contact us for a quote.

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