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As one of the most affluent and prominent neighborhoods in Massachusetts, Westford initially started out as an agricultural town, growing apples and manufacturing yarn. Over time, Westford grew to be one of the first modern American suburbs, serving as a neighborhood to house the growing working class population for cities like Lowell and Boston. Today, it is home to numerous high-tech firms in the area, and has a diverse population consisting primarily of highly educated workers working for the likes of Samsung, Seagate, and Puma. We are proud to be able to service this collection of successful individuals, and aim to provide the best service around to them.

Westford Knight, Westford MA

Roofing is one of the main protective elements of your home, as it is what keeps your home shielded from rain, wind, debris, and harsh temperatures. Make sure it stays strong with our roofing services, which are geared towards ensuring you always have a long-lasting, functional roof. Get an inspection once a year to ensure that your roof is in top condition, or schedule a roofing replacement to ensure that your old shingles are replaced when it’s time. Whatever you may need,  Salemi Exteriors will provide!



Just like roofing, siding is an additional part of your home’s exterior protection, and as such, it deserves similar attention. There needs to be regular inspections done at least once a year, and replacements must be made once the siding reaches the end of it’s lifespan. To make sure these needs are met, we offer siding services that ensure that your home’s siding continues to be as resilient as ever. From inspections to scout out any problems, to installations and replacements of a wide variety of materials, we make sure to have every angle covered when it comes to exterior services.


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Woburn, MA - by , April 27, 2018
5 / 5stars

"Efficient done in a day answered all my questions before and after the job was done."
Bedford, MA - by , March 29, 2017
5 / 5stars

This contractor was excellent in material on time stated what the contractor and I agreed upon. The job was completed in one day all discarded roofing material was removed once the job was complete. Very manual damage to vegetation which Mother Nature will correct in time.