Roofing Contractors in Woburn, MA

At Salemi Exteriors, our team is proud to provide Woburn residents with our expert roofing services. Woburn is a city located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, that’s home to about 40,000 residents. The city has a bustling business district with traditional and contemporary homes all throughout. Woburn is a suburban city that we love working in. Read more about the roofing services we offer to residents below.

Roof Replacement in Woburn, MA

First off, roof replacement is our top requested service in Woburn. We’ve helped tons of families put a beautiful, safe new roof on their homes. Most people know their roof is important but don’t think about all of the ways that it impacts the rest of your home. It plays such a crucial role in the appearance on longevity of your home’s exterior that it only makes sense to go with a roofing contractor you can trust in Woburn. We specialize in asphalt roof replacements but work with a variety of roofing materials.

For our asphalt roof replacements, the shingle that we stand by is CertainTeed. Their shingles are designed to last and perform in all four seasons year after year. CertainTeed shingles are some of the best on the market because they come in so many attractive colors and styles without sacrificing at all on performance. 

To get the exact aesthetic they desire, we offer two distinct shingle lines from CertainTeed, including Landmark and Landmark Pro shingles. Reach out to our team in Woburn today to learn more about our asphalt roof replacement services. 

As we mentioned above, we also install other styles of roofs, including copper, EPDM (rubber), and cedar. Not every contractor installs these roofing options, only the experienced contractors. Contact our team for help with your specialty roofing needs today. 

Roof Repair Contractors in Woburn, MA

Not every homeowner that reaches out to our team is in need of a roof replacement. Sometimes, an isolated area of the roofing is causing problems that could lead to issues elsewhere. That’s when it’s time to act fast and schedule a roof repair. Our team in Woburn can quickly assess the damage to your roof and make necessary repairs to keep your home safe and looking its best. Contact Salemi Exteriors in Woburn today for a roof inspection.

Contact Us in Woburn, MA

Woburn is one of our favorite communities to work in, with many home and business owners in need of our services. We also offer siding, window replacement & more exterior remodeling services. Call us at 978-804-5972 to begin today.