Roofing Contractors in Bedford, MA

At Salemi Exteriors, our team is proud to serve the town of Bedford with our high-quality roofing services. Bedford is a Middlesex County town that is part of Greater Boston, about 15 miles outside of the city. The town was incorporated in 1729 and grew as a farming community. Bedford residents enjoy large areas of farm and natural land in a small town located accessibly on route 95. We love providing our roofing services to Bedford homeowners. This community is home to about 14,000 residents today and continues to grow steadily. Contact our team at Salemi in Bedford today.

Roofing Replacement in Bedford, MA

The cornerstone of our business at Salemi Exteriors is roofing. Roofs are extremely important for protecting your home from the elements and boosting its curb appeal. We provide high-quality roofing solutions for residents of Bedford. This includes our roof replacement services. We work with asphalt, rubber, copper, and wood roofing shingles to provide our clients with the ideal solution for their home. 

Our asphalt roofing replacements use CertainTeed shingles because they are expertly engineered shingles designed to withstand tough New England weather. Their shingles also come in a large range of styles and colors, so they can fit any type of home or business. The 4 major shingles we install from CertainTeed are Landmark, Landmark Pro, Grand Manor & Patriot. Salemi Exteriors will match you with the replacement roof to keep your Bedford home beautiful. 

Roofing Repair Contractors in Bedford, MA

Sometimes, a full roof replacement isn’t needed. Weather and other issues can cause roofs to fail in some areas prematurely. At that point, it’s the perfect time for a roof repair. Our experienced team at Salemi Exteriors begins with a thorough inspection of your roof to determine the severity of the damage and to diagnose the appropriate fix. We communicate along the way so that you know all of the options available to you. Contact our team in Bedford, MA today to learn more about our roof repair services.

Contact Us in Bedford, MA

Our team’s services don’t stop there, we also offer other exterior remodeling services. These include siding, window, and gutter replacement services to keep Bedford residents safe and protected. We work with the highest quality building materials so that our clients have a home they’re comfortable in and love. Our specialized team is ready to help with your home. Contact us in Bedford today to get started.