Carlisle Massachusetts

The town of Carlisle, located up north of Boston, is a charming suburb that is home to just under 5,000 people. Home to a diverse and vibrant population, it is home to several affluent families and workers who commute to downtown Boston. Not without some staples of it’s own, it is home to the Great Brook Farm State Park, where you can find the first robotic milking system in Massachusetts, as well as one of the premiere cross-country ski touring centers in New England. We are proud to offer our roofing and siding services to the whole of Carlisle!


Carlisle MA


A vital aspect of any home’s protection is roofing, which is tasked with the important role of keeping out rain, hail, and moisture, as well as regulating a home’s internal climate, ensuring that the temperature inside allows for safe solace from outdoor conditions. Salemi Exteriors ensures that your roof can continue to provide this through providing comprehensive roofing services and solutions to ensure that your roof stays functional for years to come. We offer roof installations and replacement to ensure that your home is always provided with a roof that offers great protection, as well as inspections to ensure that no nasty surprises are in the works. Call Salemi Exteriors to give you the outstanding roof you deserve!



Siding is another major component in your home’s protection strategy, and serves as the face of your home in addition to being an external barrier. This results in major incentive to use a material that is not only durable but aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. This is crucial to preventing fading and reducing obvious aging in order to maintain appearances. To meet this need, we work with the best siding manufacturers in the business, CertainTeed, to provide the best quality materials in your home’s facade. We offer inspections to ensure that your siding is watched over by experienced eyes, as well as siding installation and replacements to ensure that you get new siding when it’s time, Count on us over at Salemi Exteriors to get the work done right!


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Concord, MA - by , October 10, 2017
5 / 5stars

Steve was very professional, easy to work with and they did an excellent job. I would definitely recommend them.
Concord, MA - by , March 29, 2017
5 / 5stars

This contractor was excellent in material on time stated what the contractor and I agreed upon. The job was completed in one day all discarded roofing material was removed once the job was complete. Very manual damage to vegetation which Mother Nature will correct in time.