Trusted Roofing Repair

Your roof is the biggest part of your home’s protective exterior, and is responsible for keeping out rain, wind, debris, and extreme temperature conditions. Which is why when it gets a leak, it is important to get it fixed right away before you suffer the costly consequences of allowing these destructive elements into your home. Fortunately, Salemi Exteriors is ready to meet this need with our comprehensive roofing repair services. Contact us today to learn more!

Ceiling Collapse

Consequences of Roof Leaks

When left unattended, roof leaks can cause several costly damages, including:
  • Insulation Damage
  • Moisture Damage
  • Electrical Wiring Damage
  • Exposure to Mold & Rot
  • Insect Damage
  • Heat Loss

Repair Specialists

With over 10 years of experience under our belts, we over at Salemi Exteriors know how to spot & fix any current and potential leaks your home may have. Our contractors are licensed and insured, guaranteeing a high standard for any work that gets done. Don’t wait until your roof becomes too much of a problem to fix, book an inspection now! Contact us at 978-804-5972, or submit an online inquiry form.

Our Guarantee

Providing the BEST roofing, siding and gutter installation in the Billerica area since 2009!
Customers get a 10 year workmanship guarantee with our roof installations.