Remove Your Christmas Lights Without Messing Up Your Roof

Christmas is here again, and it’s a joy for many people to hang those beautiful Christmas lights. But when it comes to bringing it down, there is a lot of groaning and moaning. Simply put, everyone lights to hang them but hates bringing them down. Some people leave them out well into the new year, and some aggressively pull them down, destroying them or the roof in the process. These can lead to some not-so-funny viral videos and Darwin awards. So, even if you don’t like removing Christmas lights, you still need to be safe when you do. Here’s how to safely remove your Christmas lights without damaging them or your roofing.

Disconnect From the Power Source

Number one on the list is disconnecting the lights from the power source. This cannot be stressed enough. Why is it that despite almost two hundred years of using electricity, several humans forget the most basic instructions when dealing with it? Before attempting to climb up to the lights, please disconnect the lights from the power source. This will help you avoid the risks of damaging your electrical installation and roofing. This helps you avoid the risk of electrocution.

Place Your Ladder Safely

Using a ladder requires some degree of common sense. When using a ladder, it needs to be placed so that it doesn’t damage the roof while remaining stable. Ladders should be placed at seventy-five degrees to the wall. They should also not be placed against the shingles as that can tear them off. Instead, you can use a ladder bracket to secure it against the gutters. Safety comes first when working on a ladder, so you must be patient to get the proper placement.

Make Use Of A Spotter

When working in high places, it is advised that you have a spotter to assist you. Your spotter will not only make sure the ladder is stable, but they can also assist you in pulling down some of the lights. The spotter is also there to help if you fall off the roof due to slippery roofs or faulty ladders.

Use and Wear Proper Equipment

Safety comes first, so we use the right tools for the right jobs. Using the proper equipment can be what determines the line between life and death. It also ensures you don’t mistakenly damage the roof during your uninstallation. Equipment like non-slip boots, gloves, comfortable clothes, and harnesses for support help ensure that you are protected and your roof is kept in good condition.

Get The Help Of Professionals

Sometimes, the work should be left up to the professionals. There is nothing wrong with going DIY mode, but sometimes, getting someone’s help will be safer and cheaper. If you have previously damaged your roof, contact Salemi Exteriors for professional roof repairs. Call our team at 978.804.5972 or submit an online estimate for a free quote!

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