Reasons Why it’s Important to Keep Your Gutters Clean

“I can’t wait to spend a few hours cleaning out my gutters tomorrow!” said no one, ever. 

It is certainly not the most glamorous home improvement project. It is also one that is easy to overlook. What is the big deal if you don’t clean the gutters out? So the rain puddles up a bit more in places around the house – but it’s fine, right? I’ll take care of it eventually.

However, there are several major problems that can result from not taking care of your gutters and cleaning them out on a regular basis.

One of the main reasons it is essential to keep your gutters clean is roof rot. If your gutters are clogged and water builds up on your roof, it can cause your roof to rot. This can result in leaks and expensive repairs.

Another major reason it matters whether your gutters are clean or not is because without a proper drainage system, water can pool around your foundation. Occasionally, this probably isn’t a problem. However, repeated exposure to water (or ice) can cause damage to your home’s foundation. Home foundation repairs are some of the most expensive home repairs possible. Suddenly this small chore takes on a much larger importance!

Even if you do not have these major problems, clogged gutters full of debris can bring on other, smaller issues as well. As mentioned above, clogged gutters can result in random water disbursement around your home. This can lead to overwatered flower beds or gardens, or standing water in your lawn. You can kill the plants you want to grow, or end up with a hot bed full of mosquitos. While these problems aren’t as severe as rotting roofs and cracked foundations, they are significant when weighed against the simple chore of cleaning out the gutters.

Build up of water or wet leaves in your gutters can also result in a breeding ground for pests. Birds, mosquitos, and other bugs may build homes in your gutters, exacerbating the other issues from the clogged gutters. 

To prevent these issues, and others, it is recommended to clean out your gutters at least twice per year. However, if your lawn is heavy with foliage, you may need to do it every 3 months. If you do not feel you have time to adequately clean your gutters, or want an opinion on how often yours need cleaned, contact a professional.

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