Most Common Roofing Problems

The roof of a home is one of the most important parts of the house; it’s the thing that protects the interior from the elements. As such, it needs to be properly maintained, especially if you want to lengthen its lifespan. Like other parts of a house, there are a few issues that many roofs will experience. Here are the most common roofing problems that you might come across in your homeownership.


Just like humans, animals of all sorts will seek out shelter. Unfortunately for us, that usually means somewhere in or near our own cozy homes. Critters like squirrels, rats, mice, and raccoons can all end up in your attic if your roof isn’t secure. Likewise, insects like wasps, ants, and earwigs can all find their way in if there are weak points in the roof.

These types of pest infestations can wreak havoc on your home and bring unwanted germs inside. Getting these pests under control should be a priority if you want to get your roof back into good shape.

Nearby Trees

Tall trees too near the home can quickly pose a problem. If you have large trees in the yard, do a quick inspection to see if there is any branch removal needed. Weak branches can fall unexpectedly in a storm, causing damage to the roof and home. Limbs or trunks that are too near the roof can rub against it, weakening the shingles. If you notice any of this, get in touch with a professional tree removal company to help get rid of the unwanted branches before they become a hazard.

Poor Ventilation

Proper roof ventilation is a critical yet often overlooked element of a good roof with a long lifespan. Roof ventilation draws in fresh air through the intake vents and pushes hot, stagnant air out through the exhaust vents. In the winter, this keeps the roof cold, preventing any snow on the roof from melting, draining to the gutters, and freezing to create dangerous ice dams. In the summertime, roof ventilation allows the air to cycle, keeping interior temperatures down and your AC bill low.

Poor Maintenance

Problems with the roof will become worse over time, so proper maintenance is key. This includes regular cleaning of the gutters to remove organic or other debris and regular trimming of nearby trees to remove perilous branches, among other things. One maintenance item you should pay particular attention to is setting up routine inspections. The earlier you find a small issue, the cheaper and easier it will be to repair.

Poor Installation

This is perhaps the most common roof problem homeowners have to deal with. If the roof wasn’t installed correctly when it was first placed, the home becomes susceptible to the elements. Rain, snow, and organic matter can enter the home, leading to mold, rotten wood, and leaky ceilings.

In addition to the shingles, it’s possible that the flashing is also installed incorrectly. Flashing serves to seal areas of the roof that have openings – vents, chimneys, etc. The flashing seals up these areas, but if it becomes loose due to poor installation, seams may open and allow wind and rain to enter.

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