Is It Time to Upgrade the Siding on My Home?

All siding requires regular maintenance to protect your home from external elements and will eventually need a replacement. No matter the type of siding, over time it will crack, buckle, and warp to the elements it faces over the years. It is essential to replace and repair the damaged exterior of your home before it affects the structure and leads to more costly issues. There comes a time when a repair will no longer provide the help you need. This is why we ask the question: is it time to upgrade your siding?

How Long Does Siding Last?

The length of time your siding lasts depends upon many factors, such as the material you used, the climate you live in, and how the contractor installed it. To extend the duration of your siding, it is crucial to do yearly inspections by taking a closer look at your home and the siding to address significant problems you may uncover. The summer is the best time to double-check and discover your siding needs!

Signs to Upgrade

There are many signs that your home’s siding no longer can handle a repair but now needs a replacement to prevent damage to the structure. Siding is your home’s first line of defense against weather and pests. It is also the most visible part which can reduce the resale value of your home. Rot, excessive damage, and loose or missing siding are all critical points that you are ready to remodel the exterior of your home. 

Reasons to Replace Siding

Replacing siding can become expensive, but recognizing the signs of replacement can help you and your costs. Learning what comes after you miss the initial signs of replacement may help you keep a keen eye. Rot is common in wood siding and is caused by being exposed to mother nature daily. Excessive damage is also the leading factor in shortening how long your siding lasts. Letting minor problems go often creates more significant unruly issues in the structure of the home. This also can be said for loose and missing siding; missing pieces allow moisture and pests underneath your home’s foundation and can lead to a range of issues and potentially expensive repairs.

Reduce Maintenance 

The most common modern and low-maintenance siding is fiber cement. Working with leading brands will increase your home’s market value and leave your home functioning as it should. With many options, you should consider your budget and the threats your home exterior faces throughout the seasons.

Siding Solutions by Salemi Exteriors

Explore the opportunities Salemi Exteriors has to offer with siding solutions. We do it all, from vinyl, cement fiber, and wood! We work with leading brands to guarantee that your home and maintenance siding needs are met. To upgrade your siding, contact us over the phone today at 978.804.5972 or through our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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