How to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

Winter is quickly approaching, which is hard to believe since time has been at a standstill since March, but it’s true! Preparing your roof for winter is essential to preventing damage to your roof, foundation, and the interior of your home. A good roof helps prevent pests, water damage, and even lower utility costs, but do you know how to prepare for colder weather? If not, we’re here to help! 

Get a Professional Inspection 

Hire a licensed professional to walk across your roof and look for signs of weakness or damage. They’ll look for broken or cracked shingles, loose seams, cracked flashings, and more. They may also go into your attic to look for signs of light coming through, leaks, or weak areas of the roof that are easier to see from the inside where there’s no shingles blocking the view. Professional inspections are typically very reasonably priced and are sure to be cheaper than the repairs will be if you don’t get an inspection and then have a problem in the middle of winter. Some contractors even offer a free consultation and inspection for new customers, so look for local deals in your area! 

Clean Your Roof and Gutters

The end of fall is a great time to clean your roof and gutters. It might not be fun, but it needs to be done twice a year to ensure everything is in good working order. Clean your gutters by removing any leaves and debris from the gutter system. Then, use a hose to flush water through the gutter to check for blockages disrupting waterflow. While you’re up there, take a few minutes to remove any debris from your roof before it has a chance to clog up your gutters. 

Trim Trees 

Trimming trees that overhang your roof and gutters is a great way to be proactive. Overhanging trees will drop leaves, sticks, and limbs onto your roof and gutters. That leads to more blockages and even some potentially serious damage to your roof if the limbs are big enough. Trimming these trees before winter is ideal because ice and snow can weigh down overhanging branches, causing them to break off. 

The temperatures are dropping and the holidays are just around the corner, so the time to prepare your roof and gutters is right now! Contact Salemi Exteriors for your inspection and necessary repairs today, before it’s too late! 

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