How to Keep Your Gutters Clean

Gutters protect your homes from water damage by directing the flow away from your house. But, sometimes, the system gets clogged due to debris and leaves. As a result, cleaning the gutters becomes inevitable. Debris accumulation can trap water and develop rust and break away. Also, ice damming damages the gutter forcing you to change the system. Regardless of your home’s gutter type, you need to clean them twice a year. Regular cleaning will enhance the life of your gutter system, so you enjoy savings by avoiding expensive repairs. However, cleaning gutters all alone can be nerve-wracking. At times, you have no other solution than to replace your gutter system and follow effective techniques to keep the water away from home. Below, you will find some of the best methods to clean your gutters:

Use Water Power

Use a pressure washer to blast out the obstruction in your gutter system while standing on the roof. However, a pressure washer can also damage your gutter, so it’s important that you keep settings low. Before you use the tool, make sure that all the gutter hardware is tight enough to handle the pressure. Neglecting these precautionary measures can break your system due to pressure.  

Suck It In

A vacuum machine can also be a great help to clean the gutters. Your shop vac manufacturer may provide a gutter cleaning kit to suck the gunk and leaves. If they don’t manufacture such kits, you can purchase a universal kit. But make sure that the pipe includes at least a 2.5-inch opening. These machines enable you to manage the flow in both directions. So, you can suck or blow the obstacles keeping the system clean.

Blow It Away

Leaf blowers can be a great help for gutter cleaning. Many gutter kits suit standard blowers, so you can use them on the go. Also, you can purchase a universal gutter cleaning kit and add blowers. These kits also include angled tubing and an extension wand to make your task easier. With extensions, you no longer have to climb the roof. Instead, you can suck leaves and other blockages from the ground.

Trim or Cut Down Trees

Trimming trees and branches around your home is the best defense system against gutter blockage. That way, leaves, and debris won’t fall on your roof in the first place. You can reduce the frequency to clean by maintaining your landscape.

Get an Assistant

Collaborate with your friend, spouse, or hire a team for gutter cleaning. You can smoothly clean your gutter with a helping hand. For instance, your partner can hand up tools, move a tarp, or hold the ladder. Meanwhile, you can clean the gutter without distractions or leaving the roof. On the other hand, hiring a professional gutter cleaning team can be a relief by preventing any accidents or further damage.


Sometimes, you cannot get your gutter system repaired. In this case, you need to install a new system to prevent water damage and other problems related to a clogged gutter. If you’re looking for highly qualified technicians in your neighborhood. Give us a call at 978-804-5972, and our skilled team will visit your home for inspection and installation.

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