How Summer Can Affect Your Windows

With modern windows they offer more benefits than just bringing in natural light into your home.  They play a role in keeping out moisture while keeping your energy bill down.  Your windows aid your HVAC system to ease its workload.  How can the humidity and heat affect your windows? Here is more information on protecting your windows and home during the summer.  


While the weather is heating up during the summer months the humidity continues to build up as well.  With the humidity comes the condensation.  Once the sun begins to go down after a long hot day the temperature takes a dip leaving the outside of your windows facing a different temp than what it feels on the inside.  Now, since windows have evolved over the many years condensation is not new.  Especially if you find yourself living somewhere that experiences all four seasons.  Low-E coatings in windows allow the outside glass to cool down which will reduce the condensation.  


During the summer it is very typical for homeowners to have the A/C cranked up to cool off during the blistering hot days.  It is common to see what is called “sweating” on the inside of the window.  Now, any form of liquid on the inside of your home or window is not good.  It can have a long term effect on your windows as it begins to wear and tear on them.  

Tips on reducing condensation

Dehumidifiers are becoming more normal in homes these days as they prove to keep clean dry air circling throughout a certain room or floor.  They can certainly help if your home is suffering from condensation on your windows.  However, it will not be a certain fix to your problem.  If dehumidifiers are not your thing that’s fine your A/C or fans can do the trick to keep air circling in your home.  Lastly, people have added Rain X to their car windshield. The same will work on your windows.  This will assist the water droplets to run smoothly off your windows and not build up.  

Should You Be Worried About Condensation?

The quick answer is yes.  Now, the reason for that is in the long run all the water build up can cause problems for your windows on both the interior and exterior sides.  Any type of water damage is usually a headache to deal with.  Whenever there is a collection of water that sits for a bit there usually is room for concern about mold or mildew.  It is recommended to keep up with your windows and clean them off as much as you can to avoid this.  

About Salemi Exteriors 

If you are experiencing any excessive amounts of condensation it may be time to replace your windows.  There are tons of benefits to upgrading your windows to higher quality ones.  For more information on how Salemi Exteriors can assist you and your family call us today at (978)-804-5972 or fill out a contact form online. 

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