How Long Should My Roof Last?

The roof is the most challenging part of the home for homeowners to determine whether it needs renovation. This is because it covers the whole structure and is considered the most durable part of all the other building materials. Most people are unaware that the roof’s condition has deteriorated with time and needs to be renovated.

This article discusses a roof’s lifespan, signs to check out for to determine a roof replacement, and ways to increase your roof’s lifespan. So, let’s go!

The Lifespan of a Roof

The fundamental way to determine whether you need a new roof is its age. How long have you been using it? One thing to note is that although it may be more durable than the other home parts, roofs don’t last forever. You need to change them at some point.

Usually, you can expect your roof to function for about twenty years before changing it. However, it is essential to note that certain factors ensure it remains durable to or beyond this time frame. They include

  • Installation. A well-installed roof will surely meet and exceed the twenty-year mark. However, poor quality can lessen the lifespan of your roof.
  • Environmental Influence. This is another thing that affects the durability of your roof. These influences include debris, high winds, and extreme temperature, to mention but a few.
  • Material Quality. No one is asking you to go out of your way to get costly roofing materials that you can’t afford. Yet, this does not mean you should stoop to cheap ones you know can’t stand a chance. You can meet in the middle and find good ones that are durable enough and not extremely expensive. This will save more cost than changing the cheap ones all the time or squandering money on frequent repairs.
  • Material Type. Roofing materials differ from slate, metal, wooden, clay, asphalt, etc. Each of these materials is more durable than the other in the face of different environmental conditions.

Although numerous factors condition your roof’s lifespan, it is best to choose wisely while considering them. This way, you spend less and enjoy the time you spend in your home.

Signs That Tell You Need a Roof Replacement

Different roof types give their distinct signals of the need for replacement. All you need to do is be aware of them and vigilant to prevent a significant problem. Below are the various roof types and the signs they give.

Roof Type Signs of Replacement
Asphalt Shingles Curling cracked shingles, mineral granules from the shingles.
Metal Roofing Discoloration, leak, water staining, mold, rust,
Wood Shakes, Shingles Rot, splitting, pest damage, algae growth, mold.
Clay Tile Roof Leaks, chipped and cracked tiles, algae, mold, and moss accumulation.
Slate Tile Roof Cracked shingles, missing shingles, water damage.

Final Thought

To ensure that your roof lasts as it ought to, it is necessary to schedule regular maintenance and inspection with the best roofing companies. Hence, Salemi Exteriors is one you can trust to do these for you. We’ve got a portfolio of repairing roofs, conducting inspections, and making valuable improvements to boost your roof’s lifespan.

Contact us today for estimates on your roof repairs for more information. We guarantee a durable roof that will shelter you for many years.

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