Gutter Guard Season is Upon Us-Now What?

Your gutters collect and protect your home from twigs, dirt, roof runoff, and other outdoor grime. Without regular cleaning and protection, your gutters will fill with heavy muck that can cause serious damage over a period of time. Your home is an investment, but so are your gutters. So, how do you plan to protect your gutters this season?

A Gutters Purpose

The gutters on your home and commercial building are responsible for water management. During a storm, your gutters will effectively channel the water flow from your roof and direct it to appropriate areas outside the home. Without a proper gutter system, debris and leaves can build up, causing water to overflow and build up, causing damage to your home. Throughout the seasons, your gutters will handle many rain and snow storms and distribute the water properly. But have you ever had a gutter damaged due to improper drainage and debris buildup? Continue reading to see if a gutter guard is in your future!

Who Needs Gutter Guards?

Gutter Guards work by acting as a screen or cover to the gutter itself, and they are placed overtop of the already existing gutters to prevent twigs, leaves, and debris from stopping water flow. Gutter guards are very effective in keeping your gutters flowing freely. If your home or commercial building has big trees covering your space, gutter guards might be the right option for you! By protecting your gutters, you are ensuring proper drainage to the designated area you have chosen. Without a gutter guard, your drains can become clogged, creating water damage to the foundation and unwanted areas of your establishment.

Do Gutter Guards Eliminate Maintenance?

While gutter guards can’t guarantee no maintenance will be needed for your gutter, they do help reduce the amount of debris in your gutters, lowering the number of times you need professional gutter cleaning services. These guards also lower the risk of damage to your home and property due to clogged gutters and sitting water. 

Contact Salemi Exteriors

Prevent premature rust in your gutter system by investing in gutter guards from Salemi Exteriors! Our experts at Salemi Exteriors want to help protect your home from unwanted water damage and reduce your cleaning fees. To inquire about gutter guards, call us at 978.804.5972 or fill out our online form today!

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