Double Hung-Windows

The most popular style of replacement window for its flexibility and timeless look, double-hung windows are king. With a double-hung window option, you can let in as little or as much fresh air as you’d like into your home. This type of replacement window is still plenty affordable, but it also offers more functional options than single-hung windows, with the same classic, elegant look that you’d expect. No matter what type of window you previously had, double-hung is an excellent replacement option for you.

More Flexibility

Both sashes are able to be moved with double-hung windows, making maintenance like cleaning and inspections infinitely easier. Sashes can even tilt in and out to create airflow and make cleaning even easier. You won’t need to climb on any dangerous ladders to clean hard to reach areas of your windows.

With double-hung windows, you have complete control of how much air is coming in and out of your home, making it easier to keep your home comfortable. Ventilation, natural lights, and comfort aren’t just important in the summertime, though. You’ll save money on both heating and cooling bills because with double-hung windows; you have even more control of air leaving and entering your home.


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