Our Trusted Asphalt Shingle provider

We over at Salemi Exteriors strive to use the best possible materials in our projects and construction work. We believe that great results come from employing experienced contractors who know how to perform their jobs well, and having them install the best building products in the business. It is that attention to each part of the process that makes us stand out from the rest, and ensures that homeowners get quality work that holds up for years to come.  

That’s why we often turn to CertainTeed asphalt roofing shingles to makes sure that the work gets done right. CertainTeed has a long track record of manufacturing the best building materials around, making it one of our most demanded roofing shingles.

Why Salemi?

As working roofing professionals for over 10 years, we know how to install and replace shingles better than anyone. We also have developed a strong relationship with CertainTeed, and having installed many of their products in the past, we can vouch for both their quality and our ability to do it. 

Because of this, we can provide our expert contractor opinion on which kinds of roofing are best for your home, helping you choose and install a roof that best suits your budget, surroundings, and style. The result is a brand new roof that is uniquely your own.

Interested in having us install CertainTeed on your home? 

Quality roof shingles that will enhance your home both structurally and aesthetically. Contact us to learn more.