Endless Varieties For You

CertainTeed is well known for it’s wide range of quality roofing products, all aimed to provide strength and resilience to the highest caliber while giving you a wide variety of options when it comes to price and budget. To meet your individualized demands, there are numerous shingle lines that exist to suit your needs, and ensure that regardless of your environment, style preference, or budget, you will always be left with a roof you can rely on.


The flagship of CertainTeed’s asphalt products, the Landmark boasts a dual-layer design that resembles the depth and dimensionality of a true wood shake. These shingles offer the heaviest weight and widest array of options when it comes to color, allowing you to flex your inner designer and experiment with endless possibilities for your roof. It’s resistance to algae and Class A fire ranking is simply icing on the cake.

Landmark Pro

Landmark Pro Banner

Landmark PRO provides all that comes along with Landmark but at a higher durability and stunning Max Def Color portfolio to choose from. Landmark PRO offers a tremendous product with all the features of  a premium shingle but at an affordable price. With Salemi Exteriors explore all the shingles available to you, starting today!

Grand Manor

The Grand Manor shingle line represents the epitome of style & quality, with a shingle texture that adds depth and character to the appearance of your home. With heavyweight, multilayered construction ensuring the best in durability and longevity, the Grand Manor is the ultimate premium asphalt shingle.


As one of the best single-layered asphalt shingles around, CertainTeed has advanced color technology that they use to mimic the depth of multi-layered shingles, giving your home a high-end look at a price that will surprise! This line comes with a 30-year manufacturing warranty and a 10-year algae resistance warranty to ensure your roof’s longevity.

Quality roof shingles that will enhance your home both structurally and aesthetically. Contact us to learn more.