Can Windows Be Installed in the Winter?

Window installation is a job that most people think should be done during warm weather months, but that isn’t always the case. Pricing for things like windows can vary throughout the year, and they’re usually higher during the Spring and Summer. Most window companies actually sell and install windows during all four seasons, though. It’s safe to install windows during all seasons and won’t leave your home exposed to the elements.

Increased Competition

It makes sense that most people think that installing windows during the Summer is the way to go, you can enjoy natural sunlight coming through your new windows. You’ll also enjoy the fresh air and improved energy-efficiency from new windows, but all the homeowners in your area are also thinking this way. With increased demand, it can be hard to find a contractor that you can trust because all of the good ones are booked solid, working on other projects. 

In the fall and Winter, though, the competition for high-quality contractors is lessened so that you can take your pick of high-quality contractors. Some homeowners worry about their home’s interior being exposed during the window replacement process. New windows will benefit you during all four seasons, especially with energy efficiency. Wintertime gives you the most flexibility when it comes to window installations; you can pick a time that works well for you and won’t have to settle for what’s available.

Save Money

Because demand is so much higher during the warmer months, it can be difficult to get your project done. Some contractors can even end up charging more for jobs during Spring and Summer when their phones are ringing off the hook. Having your windows replaced during the cooler months can be the opposite though, contractors are less busy with not as many projects being worked on. You can save yourself some money if you’re willing to replace your windows before the thaw comes.

The Winter months can make it easier for you to notice problems with your windows; you may feel a draft coming through that old window or have seen your energy bills climbing. It’s important not to allow these issues to go untreated, though, because they can cost you extra money every month due to your inefficient windows. If you have issues with your home’s windows, Winter is secretly the best time to replace them because it can save you a lot of money and ensure that you work with someone you can trust.

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