Benefits of Englert Metal Roofs in Massachusetts

For over half a century, the benefits of Englert Metal Roofs have been known to homeowners in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York. But if you are still trying to understand why metal roofs are the best option for your home in Massachusetts, continue reading as we share some benefits with you. 

1. Commitment to Quality 

Quality matters and Englert demonstrates this through its quality control methods. For instance, every roof panel goes through extensive quality control checks to ensure that it meets the performance and durability each consumer expects from the product. Also, the metal roofs constantly exceed industry standards. The company accomplishes this by operating its own coating and in-house metal fabrication, which helps it control quality at its facilities.

2. Offers Protection Against Winds 

Many of the company’s metal roofs are engineered to meet wind uplift ratings. So, they can withstand continuous wind speeds of 30, 60, or 90 pounds per square foot. 

3. Longevity 

Englert metal roofs can last for over a century, which implies they provide good warranties. When you install an Englert metal roof, it comes with a 35-year limited paint finish warranty. This warranty covers chipping, cracking, and peeling, as well as chalking and fading. It is one of the most extended finish warranties in the building industry. In addition, galvalume coatings and leaks have a 25-year warranty. 

4. Energy 

The metal roof brand offers three types of metals for your roofing system: copper, aluminum, and galvalume. All of them are completely recyclable and can earn you as much as 6 LEED credits. Englert also offers a line of environmentally friendly paints designed to avoid heat absorption, keeping your home and business cool during the summer and warm in the winter. 

Types of Englert Metal Roof 

Englert Roofing offers a variety of types to satisfy any homeowner. Whether you are looking for Englert standing seam metal roof finishes, profiles, or widths, you will find something that not only works for your home but also appeals to your preferences. 

Types of Englert Metal Roofs Include

  • Architectural Metal Roof 

These types of roofs include the A1000, a cheap metal roofing system that uses concealed clips and fasteners. The roof panel can be notched and bent for a smooth transition from roof to mansard or fascia. Another example of this type of roof is the A1100, a high-standing seam metal roof system. The snap-lock metal roof panel helps create clean roof lines with minimum texture and shadows. 

  • Structural Metal Roof 

Englert’s structural metal roofs also have a variety of options. Examples of this type of roof include S2000, an integral snap-lock metal roof system. It is one of the most popular roofing systems produced by Englert. It combines versatility with added spanning and uplift capabilities. Other examples include S2500, S3000, and S2400. 

  • Curved Panel Metal Roof 

The curved panel metal roof system from Englert has two options for homeowners to choose from for their building. Examples of this roof system are C2400 and C1300. Both roofing systems are excellent for homeowners to add beauty and elegance to their property. 

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