5 Summer Home Improvement Projects

Summer means warmer weather, longer days, and more motivation to get home improvement projects done! Spring is usually the time for indoor cleaning and projects, but there’s still plenty to be done in the warm summer months. Consider adding these home improvement projects this summer to make the most of your time! 

Clean Your Siding 

The siding of your home plays a major role in the curb appeal and interior comfort of your home. Cleaning your siding every summer will keep it looking great all year round. You’ll also get the chance to look at your siding up close and note any damages that need to be repaired after a harsh winter. Hire a professional to clean your siding for the best and most efficient results! 

Inspect the Roof and Gutters 

Did you know you should inspect your roof at least once a year? Many homeowners neglect their roof and gutters until major damage has occurred, but that will lead to unnecessary stress and a higher cost to get the job done. Instead, hire a professional or get out your ladder to clean your gutters and roof of any debris. Note any damages along the way so it will be easy to schedule a repair ASAP. 

Remodel the Bathroom 

Realtors know that bathrooms and kitchens are what sells a home. Potential buyers will love a remodeled bathroom and you’ll be able to make a great return on investment for your remodel. If you don’t have plans to sell anytime soon, a remodeled bathroom is still something you’ll get to enjoy on a daily basis! 

Revamp the Back Yard 

Upgrading your outdoor space is perfect for summer entertaining and extending the living area of your home into nature. Rather you go big with a new deck or scale it down and add a small fire pit, upgrading your backyard is a great summer home improvement project. This will also increase the resale value of the home! 

Clean the Windows 

Do you know the last time you cleaned your windows? If not, you’re not alone! Grab some window cleaner, paper towels, and set aside time from your day to clean the inside and outside of every window in the home. Newer windows are designed to fold in, for easy cleaning of the outside glass. 

Contact Salemi Exteriors today if you need a helping hand for your summer home improvement projects! Our team has years of experience with roofing, siding, and gutters. Rather they need to be cleaned or totally replaced, we’ve got you covered. Schedule a consultation to learn more about what home improvement projects we can fit into your budget before the cold weather returns! 


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